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Onshore wind power without subsidies

Antony Mason reports on how the financial landscape of onshore wind power is changing with the curtailment of government subsidies Read the rest of this entry »


Protests about onshore wind turbines – local opinion

A Swiss protest inspires Angus Hanton to reflect on what shapes public opinion about onshore windfarms Read the rest of this entry »


Will wind power divide Scotland from the UK?

How the government’s decision to curtail support for wind has angered the Scots and what the SNP might do about it, by Angus Hanton Read the rest of this entry »


Black clouds over onshore wind turbines

The Government has wasted no time in showing where the wind blows regarding their policy towards onshore wind power. Antony Mason assesses their aggressive pincer movement Read the rest of this entry »


ScottishPower invests in wind, bigtime

ScottishPower has just confirmed the largest deal ever in offshore windpower. Antony Mason reports

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