Why should I sell my windfarm through Wind.co.uk?

Wind.co.uk has the expertise to assess windfarm potential, and to evaluate it in the context of the broader windfarm marketplace. By coming to Wind.co.uk, and taking advantage of its network, you should be able to access the full added value that windpower brings to land prices.

Is Wind.co.uk only interested in fully developed windfarm projects?

Not at all. Wind.co.uk is also interested in bringing potential windfarm sites to fruition. This includes  undeveloped sites with planning permission for a single wind turbine, semi-developed sites that have not yet been fully installed, and sites that would benefit from further development or an upgrade.

What if my windfarm project has been refused planning permission?

Wind.co.uk is still interested. Our experts can investigate why the planning application failed, and assess the potential for a renewed application, perhaps with different specifications.

Can I buy a wind turbine site through Wind.co.uk?

Certainly. This is a marketplace “putting sellers and buyers in touch”. Register your interest by signing up to our mailing list (see the Contacts page).